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CEO’s Greeting

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Welcome to the website of Doowon EFC.First, I like to express my gratitude for your interest and love for us. First, I like to express my gratitude
for your interest and love for us.

Doowon EFC is specialized in the electric, communication and fire prevention. Ever since its establishment in 1980, the company has been continuously growing while actively completing constructions in various domestic and overseas constructions for large scaled buildings, apartments and semi-conductor factories.

To leap as an advanced company in the 21stCentury suitable for the rapidly changing market environment, we, Doowon has been practicing the transparent operation based on the principles without pursuing only the external growth. And, now, we have grown to be a firm middle sized group through the knowledge based and opened management for continuous learning and challenging.

All staffs and employees of Doowon EFC will continuously make efforts to develop the company to receive higher trust and love from our clients by sharing the joy to work together and paying more attentions for invisible qualities.

Thank you for your interest and love for us. And I like to request for your continuous encouragements and supports in the future as well.