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Company Introduction

Doowon EFC has been practicing its corporate sprit, ‘Client First’ ever since its establishment in 1980 and now is recognized as a leader in the general electric construction business. The technology development, on-site management and quality innovation for ‘Client Satisfaction’ are the principles to be complied by Doowon EFC and the will of Doowon EFC to continue the business for 100 years in the future as well.

Company Overview

Company Name Doowon EFC Co., Ltd.
CEOs Park, Yong Seop, Park, Gwang Seop, Park, Jung Hyeon
Establishment September, 1980
Company Address Doowon Building 4F, 45 Teheranro 4 - gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Contact Numbers TEL.02-3404-6600 / FAX.02-3404-6724

Corporate Philosophy

Doowon, under the corporate motto, Firm Unity, Sincerity and Diligence, Technological Innovation, puts clients to the top priority and aims to be continuously developed along with the people of the company.

  • 인화단결
  • 근면성실
  • 기술혁신

Doowon People’s Creed

  • Win in Competitions

    Achieve the Goal

    United with Confidence

  • Run for Tomorrow

    Strategically Think

    Challenge for the New

  • Keep on Learning

    Free from Fixed Ideas

    Apply Actual Knowledge